Electric scooter pump and electric bicycles


This pump fits all-electric scooters with friend style and tubeless valves but is also suitable for bicycles.


Material: Plastic and Aluminium
Length: about 28 cm
Pack weight: 150g
Suitable for: all-electric scooters, bicycles, and electric bicycles

Additional information

Weight 0,5 kg

Xiaomi M365, Xiaomi Pro2, Xiaomi 1S, Xiaomi Pro, Xiaomi Essential, Ninebot E22D, Ninebot E22E, Ninebot E25D, Ninebot E25E, Ninebot E45D, Ninebot E45E, Ninebot ES1, Ninebot G30, Ninebot G30D, Ninebot G30LD, Ninebot G30LD II, Ninebot G30LE, Ninebot G30LE II, VGA Maxi, ZERO X, Cecotec Bongo Serie A, GoRunner Comfort, KUGOO S1