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MiniPLUS or S-PLUS is for the active, gadget-interested type who loves to run long trips in the open air. Segway miniPLUS is hands-free and self-balancing. This allows you to easily and conveniently control the movement of the vehicle. It doesn’t take much practice before you can use your Ninebot as an expert. Through a variety of tests, Segway has managed to create the perfect driving experience where precision sensors pick up any body movement to keep you in balance.

The S-PLUS is produced in lightweight materials, which means that it weighs only 16.3 kg and is thus easy to move on. Here the knee pad can be used as a carry handle and you can easily take it on the go. MiniPLUS has an ergonomic design and is controlled using your knees. The whole glory is designed with maximum comfort and flexibility in mind.

MiniPLUS a bursting with gadgets. There is a smart LED light in the wheels, storage room, standalone remote control, Voice Warning function and Follow Me function. All are assembled in a small smart and compact machine. By downloading the freely available Segway app on your smartphone, you get access to a wealth of custom features. Set the light, and security features, and upgrade to the latest software in the easiest way. In addition, it is equipped with anti-theft protection, so you are always informed of where your miniPLUS is in case of theft.

Model: Segway miniPLUS
Age group: 16+ years
Weight: 16.3kg
Maximum speed: 20 km/h
Range: Up to 35 km
Max climb: 15°
Max load: 100kg
Charging time: max 4 hours
Rated engine power: 400 x 2W
Height: 620 mm
Width: 577 mm
IP rating: IP54, water-resistant

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Weight 14 kg
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