Universal handle for Ninebot by Segway and Xiaomi electric scooters


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Universal, high-quality carry strap/handle that makes transporting your scooter incredibly convenient – a perfect complement to your electric scooter and to those who are always on the go. Especially with walking on stairs and longer transport, the handle is incredibly functional. It can usefully be applied to all Xiaomi M365 models and the Ninebot by Segway Max models. The quality cannot be compared to those ones you can buy on Aliexpress, Wish, etc, ours is much higher quality.


200 g/m²
Perfect for Electric Scooters
Not suitable for Ninebot ES1, ES2, ES4, E22, E25, or E45.

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Xiaomi M365, Xiaomi Pro2, Xiaomi 1S, Xiaomi Pro, Xiaomi Essential, Ninebot G30, Ninebot G30D, Ninebot G30LD, Ninebot G30LD II, Ninebot G30LE, Ninebot G30LE II, VGA GoEasy, Xiaomi Clones, ZERO X, ETWOW, KUGOO S1